1968 Replica of First Angle-winder Car by Steve Okeefe

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The history of Gene Husting first angle-winder pro-racing car is well known and has been described in period and modern publications. Inspired by the 1/32 scale cars built by Roy Moody, Gene was after weeks of efforts with his own 1/24 scale prototype, able to convince pro racers of the validity of the concept.
This car you see here is truly special: it is the most exacting replica of the first of three cars built by Husting, and using its original body. The actual chassis is still owned by Gene Husting.
We asked Steve Okeefe to build a replica and provided him with as much information and pictures as we could, and side by side, the original and the copy are virtually indistinguishable. An amazing replica by a true master.
Steve is a friend of the LASCM museum and has since, repaired, rebuilt or constructed several important pro-racing cars for the LASCM.
Admire his work here…