Team Russkit Jim Russell’s Chaparral 2

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This car, probably built for Russkit owner Jim Russell by team captain Mike Morrissey, was found in France in a collection purchased by the LASCM in 2006. Its provenance was an auction in the United Kingdom that also included other genuine Team Russkit cars. The motor is a Bob Lenz-rewound Mabuchi FT16, as in several of other Team Russkit cars recently found, so there was almost certainly at one time,a relation of sorts between Lenz and Russkit. The chassis is conventional for the 1966 era, with brass rod and brass tubing construction around the ubiquitous Russkit motor bracket used by most on the West Coast. The guide and wheels, as well as front tires, are stock Russkit items, while the crown gear is by Cox.
The degree of finish is that of a true racing car and not a trailer queen, and the pictures shown in the period magazines belie this condition for most of the cars actually raced then, as they often appear to be immaculate and perfectly constructed. It was often not the case. The racers building such cars were after all, talented teenagers, and many got a lot better at it as years went by.
It is thought that Jim Russell may have given this car and others like it to the Russkit distributor in the UK in 1967 for demonstration purposes as newer cars were being built.