1970 Hinsdale Open racer by Robert Emott Jr.

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This wonderful and genuine Bob Emott ready to race car appeared at auction sometimes in 1999. Authenticated by Emott, the car was being sold by the very person who had purchased it after the 1970 race, where Bob finished in second place in the main event (information to be confirmed at this time).
After little use, the car was parked as the seller’s local raceway had shut down, a common story in the day.
The car was still wonderfully original and only required a sympathetic restoration by Philippe de Lespinay. The Bob Kean motor was disassembled, cleaned, the armature rebalanced and trued, the endbell cleaned and the hardware polished. The chassis had no damage and even the original tires were re-used after a minor cleanup as well as guide, lead wires, even the braided contacts. The body shown here is a replica and will soon be replaced by an exact duplicate painted by Jairus Watson of the actual body used by Emott in the race.
This type of chassis was quite popular on the East Coast where pro racers like John Gorski, Jerry Brady and others were Emott’s loyal customers. It has tapered rails to the motor box and the side pans are hinged two ways, an invention from the previous year. Bob Kean used a Cox “NASCAR” can and a Mura endbell to house his own 25AWG armature with the usual Champion ARCO Blue Dots magnets.