Lotus 30 Charger RTR

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This model was issued in 1966, as the trend for kits was fading in favor of the quick on track ready to race models. This Lotus had a 2-piece injected plastic body, and was of the monocoque construction, the lower part of the body being a full pan on which the front end and guide as well as the motor pod were attached. The motor was the K&B Bobcat, also known as the ubiquitous Mabuchi FT36D painted in yellow. The car was supplied with a decal sheet that had little to do with the decoration of the full-size car, and was available in this commonly found orange or in a scarcer green.
The packaging was used twice by K&B, the other time to house a Cooper formula one model. The model is effectively sealed inside a vacuum formed cover that needs to be cut open to access it. The box folded as a display and is a rather fragile item. This one is in pristine condition and the last picture shows the actual artwork used for the box, discovered on the Internet and acquired by the LASCM. It is a very large watercolor painting and is of rather nice quality.