McLaren MK2 RTR

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This model, issued in early 1967, is unique in the K&B line. It uses a chassis that was never sold separately or fitted to another model, and the box was not used for any other K&B RTR or kit model. However, this type of box was also used by K&B for some of their clear plastic bodies, as well as by Cox to sell their MKVII controller and by Testor for their own line of painted bodies and RTR cars.
The chassis is a one-piece aluminum pressing with a steel formed wire drop arm, bolted to a K&B Super Challenger sidewinder motor with built-in rear axle and spur gear.
The body was factory painted and decorated with decals, both self-adhesive stickers and water-slide types.

A painted body kit was also available, issued in the same kind of packaging but with a different inner tray. It was left to the customer to finish it with decals supplied in the box.

These models were licensed by Charlie Hayes, who drove the actual car in USRRC and Can-Am races.