Batmobile RTR

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This model of the Batmobile was issued in 1967 and is quite scarce, especially in its original box. The inner box came with decals, stickers for the various plated parts and a roll or thin red tape to detail the model.
The body is vacuum formed but uses a specific injected plastic cockpit, a unique feature of this slot car. The rocket launchers are also made of injected plastic and are retained on the body by a an adhesive circular pad.
The dome light is functional and is connected to the lead wires. The chassis is the K&B Kanguro sidewinder type, powered by the American-made K&B Hellcat motor. The car was also fitted with a K&B Cortina disc brake. The body mounts are specific to this model, different from the ones found in the chassis kit. The red plastic bat hubs were purchased from the BZ company.