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This K&B ready to race slot car, produced in the summer of 1967 by the famous company, is also its rarest today. In over 15 years or search, the LASCM has only been able to find two mint and boxed examples. Apparently, very few were produced and fewer survive. A pity because this is a beautiful slot car with a very nicely detailed interior. The vacuum formed body is painted in a shade of blue-green, the only known color, and is subject to the form of electrolysis transfer of the tire’s rubber to the body as many vintage slot cars are.
The chassis is a lot easier to find, as this inline K&B unit, part of the “Kanguro” series, was produced separately. The motor, as in the K&B Chaparral 2D, is a Mabuchi FT26 unit dubbed “Jaguar” and fitted with a unique end bell molded of yellow plastic.
The clear-plastic box is identical to that of other K&B, BZ, American Line and even some AMF cars, but the inner tray and box are simply unobtainable.
When K&B shut their doors, hundreds of these Ford MKII in incomplete condition were liquidated and ended as rental cars in at least one raceway, then surfaced at auction. Unfortunately their condition was beyond salvation.