1969 NASCAR Ford Torino Talladega by Dick Hulse

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This beautiful car was discovered, lovingly restored and donated to the LASCM by Paul Dwyer of Spokane, WA.
Dick Hulse was a really good racer from Kansas City and on November 30, 1968, found his 15 minutes of fame when he won the first “Kingways Special” race at Mike Cenci’s King Louie Raceway. To win, he had to beat several tough pros such as Team Certus Mike Staskie, Texans Joe Sullivan and Mike Story as well as Greg Bertram, Team Champion Ed Lewis and Team Zimmerman John “Tore” Anderson, all top-notch pro racers. Hulse did not have the fastest car but stayed out of trouble to win this important race.
A year later, Dick built a new car with which he won the semi, then finish in 7th place in the main event of the second “King Louie Kingways” race, held November 29, 1969.

Paul Dwyer purchased an old slot car box at online auction a few years ago, only to realize that it was that of Hulse. Paul restored that car as well as this beautiful Ford, and donated it to the LASCM where it joined the finest collection of historical pro-racing slot cars in the world.

Also shown is an armature wound over Mura blanks by Dick, as well as a record of his motors and armatures and a few plaques that he earned while racing.