One of the most well-known names in model plastic kits, Revell made a huge investment in slot racing. by the end of 1963, they introduced complete kits in the 1/32 scale, the first to feature the new smaller Mabuchi FT16 motors. By 1964, a series of three kits in the 1/24 scale were issued with the new, larger FT36 motor. In 1966 Revell issued complete racing sets for home racing use, with performance equal or superior to that of any at the time. The same year, they issued kits and RTR versions of a new 1/24 scale series featuring an offset alloy chassis with vacuum formed painted bodies, beautiful Halibrand cast wheels and award-winning packaging. A second series of the 1/32 scale kits was also introduced, but these are especially scarce. A 1967 catalog promised new bodies and RTR cars but by 1968, Revell had already reverted to home-racing sets and was out of the slot car business altogether in 1970.