1971 last pro-racing car by Paul Dwyer

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Paul Dwyer is a talented enthusiast who has recently built a beautiful replica of the last pro-racing car he built in 1971. Paul donated the car to the LASCM and enclosed a long letter explaining its purpose and construction, from which we have retained the following excerpts for this page:
“The car represents my parting shot from slot car racing in March 1971. I started with a chunk of 3/64 blue steel and a Dremel disk. Steel cars were hit and miss, often lots of extra work for nothing. When one worked, you kept it and sold the rest. The only advantage to piano wire was strength. Parma .050” steel drop arm and .040” pans make up the standard two-rail “plumber” design. Quality Riggen front tires, Steube rears, Parma ball bearings and axles and the new Faas gears made up this high-tech roller. The Mura Green “C” motor was long overdue. The factory teams had it almost a year, months earlier, but this Group 7 motor kit in this car was one of the first ways you could get it. It had all the good stuff, new can and wind, re-machined B end bell, 36D brush hoods and even ARCO Blue Dots magnets. Back early in 1969 when steel plate chassis were popular, I had to search high and low to find some steel. Every place I checked wondered why and how big of an order I would place. When I said, “12 X 24” they all laughed. I finally found a shop that would sell me a 2’ X 4’ piece. I still had a small scrap 35 years later, barely enough to build this replica.”
This gorgeous chassis came with a beautiful spare motor that will be displayed along it in the museum.
The LASCM is very thankful to Paul for his generosity.