1957 Maserati 450SS

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One of our favorite Wallingford models, this big Maserati fitted with a Frank Costin designed body led the 1957 race at Le mans for two hours before nearly asphyxiating its driver, the great Stirling Moss. One of the first cars to exceed 200MPH on the famous Hunaudieres straightaway, this V8, 4,5-liter monster of a coupe was some beautiful and brutal machine.

The body of Gene’s model is an exquisitely finished fiberglass job. The windows are Araldite epoxy CAST into the windows openings, then polished. The details include a fully instrumented panel and a correct connection between the fuel tank and the outer cap. The chassis is a machined bronze casting by Dick Dobson and Gene Wallingford, that they also gave to other local racers. While the car is somewhat crude by today’s standards, please compare it to the MUCH cruder models one would regularly see in period magazines from either the USA or the UK.