1963 Corvette kit

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This unusual kit was marketed in New Zealand. The country had very high customs duties on imported toys, meaning that local production was favored. To get around the duties, importing parts and providing finish labor was what it took to be competitive in the marketplace. The parts in this kit are rather common, mostly composed of a Revell chassis parts and body. The motor is by HIT and the tires from unknown source.
Since most of these mechanical parts were manufactured in Japan for Revell or in the case of the HIT motor, for Marusan, exporting loose parts to New Zealand and packing them in this kit box is the most logical explanation. The body kits were produced in California and shipped to the Lightning company to complete the kit.
Lightning parts were also marketed separately, chassis, wheels, axles etc.
Another Lightning kit exists, that of a Cobra Daytona coupe, also in the 1/32 scale.