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In 1967, Carrera introduced a series of beautiful 1/24 scale kits. Inspired by the American Russkit models, they used a multi-piece plastic chassis designed after the Russkit metal unit, vacuum formed clear plastic bodies painted from the inside and featuring injection molded plated accessories and Mabuchi motors.
Racing molded rubber-foam tires and ultra-narrow front tires over machined aluminum wheels were used in these kits.
The first series used the upgraded 1967 Mabuchi FT16D with ball bearing, then a dark red German made Buehler motor, sort of a better quality Mabuchi clone.
By 1970 and after the demise of the 1/24 scsle commercial raceways worldwide, Carrera modified and simplified their chassis mold, introduced an upgraded (but slower) Buehler motor and did away with the go-fast wheels, replacing them by die-cast zinc models patterned after the actual racing models,and molded rubber tires. Some transitional models made it into the market, such as this Ford GT that uses the older chassis fitted with a Mabuchi FT36D motor and the newer wheels.