Modified Ford GT

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The Western Hobbies “Modified Ford GT” was one of this distributor’s own “assembly” products. Issued in the middle of 1966, it allied a Dugan chassis, a Mabuchi FT36D motor, Riggen wheels and tires and a painted body somewhat copied from a Lancer Ford GT, modified with a flat rear deck and what appears to be a copy of an IMC Lotus 38 static kit exhaust. The guide was a BZ unit.
The Dugan chassis was now fitted with an aluminum drop arm replacing the 1/8″ steel wire unit, and was anodized clear or black.
Known body colors are green, red, bronze and blue. Decals were pirated from older Russkit sheets.
The box was identical to that used by BZ, K&B and even at one time, AMRC, with a silver printed display tray.