Ferrari 330P4 Spyder

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The 1/24 scale Ferrari 330P4 is one of the most beautiful vintage slot cars ever produced. It was issued in September 1967 and is a scarce model today. The company had by that time, switched from Mabuchi motors to the Igarashi and Testor had their own version of this smaller Hemi motor motor featuring a zinc die-cast endbell and Pittman style brushes.
The chassis was a stamped aluminum affair with flanged ball bearings and the famous Testor 6-hole wheels. The drop arm was a steel wire form. The body was vacuum formed and painted in the correct shade of red with correct decals as per the Daytona 24-Hour winning entry. The body was also sold separately by… Pactra unpainted.
The relationship between Testor and Pactra is still unknown at this time, but there are many more examples of the sharing of product.