Lotus-Ford 38 kit

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One of the most sought-after Strombecker kits, the Lotus 38 was extremely well made and well detailed for a period 1/32 scale kit. We know of two different packing methods, shown in one of the pictures. In fact, the two parts trays are completely different, creating a variation for the collectors. An interesting sales receipt shows that one of these two kits was purchased for only $1.52 in 1967 from a store called “Two Guys”. No use to say that the price may not be the same today!
Another quite rare version of this kit was sold inside a simple poly bag with a tag, also shown in the LASCM online virtual museum.
Power is from a TC32 motor. The boxed kit was issued in 1966 for only one year, the bagged kit was probably a case of liquidating product when Strombecker ran out of boxes.