1967 AAR Eagle-Weslake V12 Formula One (deluxe kit)

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After several seasons in Formula One with Ferrari, Porsche and Brabham, Dan Gurney, with some financing from the Goodyear tire company, decided to build his own cars. In 1966 the Gurney Eagle was powered by an ancient Coventry-Climax 2.7-liter engine, but appeared in 1967 with a new Aubrey Woods designed V12 manufactured for Dan by Harry Weslake in the UK.
The new Eagle was sensationally beautiful and very competitive, but not reliable enough to win a championship that could have been.
The Russkit model uses a simple aluminum pan chassis with an aluminum drop arm and a Russkit “23” motor. The kit was issued in two versions, one basic with clear body and one deluxe with painted and decorated body. Fortunately for collectors, it sold extremely well and intact kits are still being found today.
This kit is the deluxe version with painted body.