1965 Porsche Carrera 6 (deluxe kit)

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First in the new Russkit Carrera Series was this very nice Porsche 906, also called “Carrera 6”. The full-size model of this famous Porsche was sponsored by Russkit and driven for Otto Zipper by “Scooter” Patrick and Ken Miles. It won the SCCA championship.

The Russkit model was incredibly successful and led to several other versions, especially for export use. Its body was so accurate and detailed that it made a mockery of the term “blob” previously used for vacuum formed bodies in general.
The kit shown here is the deluxe version with its silver-painted and detailed body. As in all deluxe kits, the chassis was made of aluminum and anodized with a shiny black finish. The first chassis had no vent for the motor while later issues had a rectangular vent, a recessed assembly screw and a semi-mat finish.

As illustrated here, at least one specially molded, thicker body was covered with a thick layer of gold and mounted on a standard chassis as a trade show display model. It is said that three other Russkit “Carrera series” cars were so treated, but none other has surfaced so far.