1965 Lotus 40 (deluxe kit)

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The second of the Carrera series issues was this very nice Lotus 40 kit. The car was raced at the 1965 Los Angeles Times grand Prix at Riverside where Jimmy Clark was able to lock a second place in spite of the hazardous handling of the car. This kit shows the beautiful Ron Von Klein tooled body shape. The Carrera chassis was fitted at first with the Russkit “23” motor.
This is a very rare version of the deluxe kit with a solid medium-blue body and the standard black-anodized aluminum chassis. This body color was used by Russkit for the “Black Widow Series” Lola T70 RTR. In over 20 years of collecting, no other Russkit Lotus 40 painted in this color has ever surfaced. This pristine kit being factory sealed is proof that this aberration is indeed genuine.