Genie-Ford kit

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In 1966, Revell made a big push in trying to outsell their competitors. There were new kits and RTR models featuring a new aluminum offset frame, the big Mabuchi FT36D with heat sinks, factory painted vacuum formed bodies and independently rotating front wheels. All the parts were new, including larger and more sophisticated guide flags, nylon setscrew pinions and screw-on spur gear with brass hubs and offset rear axle. The first issues had machined aluminum wheels with die-cut spokes, but quickly these were replaced by splendid cast aluminum wheels, good representations of the Halibrand mag wheels. The front tires were ribbed, the rear tires molded sponge slicks. ‘
Award-winning packaging was simply outstanding and… very large. Even the bottom of the boxes were printed with more information about other models. While the assembled models are not rare, very few of these kits have survived intact in their original boxes.