MPC 1/24 scale 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Kit

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This great MPC kit was issued in 1965. Unlike AMT which utilized their “promo” bodies to produce their slot car line, MPC initially produced special molds using a clam-shell process for their models. The Corvette was the third such kit after a Lancia-Ferrari, a Scarab Sports and the SC100 show car. The corvette was bay far the most intricate and the most detailed. All used the unusual Dyn-O-Charger motor in which the two magnets were at opposite ends of the poles steel pieces, with a sintered bronze bushing cast in the center of the magnet.

The presentation of this MPC kit was truly over the top, with extreme attention paid to the visual aspect, with added sleeve, insert etc.

While it is not rare, it is very desirable and belongs in any serious collection.

It is also interesting to note that the kit stock number (408) was also used for another MPC slot car, namely, the SC100! A little mystery that will require more research.