Lotus-Ford 38 kit

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Issued in 1966, this magnificent kit in the 1/24 scale of the Lotus-Ford Type 38 is one of the best Monogram ever produced. The 1965 Indy 500 winner in the hands of Jim Clark, this car was the first rear-engine to win the famous classic, putting an end to the 50-year old front-engine domination that had been seriously challenged in 1961 by the apparition of Jack Brabham’s diminutive Cooper-Climax.
The kit offers a marvelous model that also performs well on track.
The Lotus model was also available in a simplified version molded in blue or green in a Monogram racing set.
Both the kit and RTR models are not rare but are very desirable.
Also shown here in the last picture is the original box artwork, also in the LASCM collection. This was acquired at auction in 2004.