Chaparral 2D RTR

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In 1967, Kal-Kar issued their first and only complete model, that of a Chaparral 2D RTR using what appears to be a Pactra-Stormer vacuum formed body. This was painted in a metallic rose backed with silver, making the car quite visually attractive if not accurate. There was no interior cockpit detail. The chassis was an aluminum stamping of the same design as that previously made of steel, with a drop arm retained by a small steel pin, a nail really. The wheels and tires were Kal-Kar’s own production, the rear tires being of at least two different designs, one with ink-stamped markings on their outer sidewalls. The rear axle ran inside shielded ball bearings. The motor was a Mabuchi FT26. The model is relatively rare, its packaging being extremely scarce.