Manta Ray RTR Series 4

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The original Classic and a success story as one of the sales leaders in the 1960’s with over a million sold. This had several chassis, wheels, motors and even body variations over the 3-1/2 years in which it was produced.
The original versions had an endbell-side gear set, 3-spoke wheels and a bright blasted aluminum chassis. Soon that was to change to standard Classic 6-spoke wheels, gray anodized chassis and a can-side gear arrangement. The side markings of the box also changed with the drive. Most cars were painted in orange, with various decals over time. Some odd versions with different colors were produced at the end of the run.
The “Series 4” models received the traditional Classic stripes seen on other Classic models on its hood and tail, as well as a racing number. First with an outline, later without.
This Series 4 model has the can-side gears, Classic CM360 motor, 6-spoke wheels, gray anodized chassis and dark gray glass-filled nylon Classic guide. The Lotus 30 spare body has minor changes from the one found in series 1 models.