Manta Ray RTR Series 1

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The original Classic model and a success story as one of the sales leaders in the 1960’s with over a million sold. This had several chassis types, wheels, motors and even body variations over the 3-1/2 years in which it was produced.
The original issue has an endbell-side gear set, 3-spoke wheels and a bright blasted aluminum chassis. The front tires have tiny steel balls inside their treads so reduce friction. The rear tires are molded “German” sponge, with Classic trademark on their sidewalls. The guide is identical to that of the Dynamic chassis kits and was probably an outsourced item for both companies.
The Classic CM250 motor was the earliest Mabuchi FT36 type with endbell-side drive and no brush heat sinks. The 3-spoke wheels were only used on this version, soon to be upgraded to 6-spoke wheels in the second series.
The body was painted in a bright orange and had no decals added. The spare body was a Classic Lotus 30 with fairly crude detail.
The car rested on a flat card form tray and the box was marked with the motor type, “250”.