Stinger Roadster Kit

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This is one of the rarest vintage slot car kits that survived from the 1960’s. At this time, it is the sole example known that is still intact, sealed in its box. It is not known if there was an illustrated flap as in previous Classic items using the same box size, such as the Stinger, Serpent and Gamma Ray RTR models.
The box is printed in silver and blue and has a less elaborate illustration than the aforementioned models. It is nonetheless very attractive. The chassis is similar but not identical to that of the Gamma Ray. The chassis sides form vertical edges and the back body mount is also vertical. The motor remains the Classic CM460 as on the Gamma Ray, but is in a fixed position. The clear butyrate body is entirely different from both versions of the Stinger coupe and is longer and narrower. Wheels and tires are identical to that of the Serpent and Gamma Ray RTR models.