Rebel Series RTR

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By 1975, the commercial raceway world had completely turned its back on the stamped aluminum or brass chassis, and the only way to sell new cars was to have steel-wire and brass plate chassis built on fixtures by actual racers employed by the surviving companies, Parma, Champion or Riggen. This example of the “Group 27” Champion car has a “Rebel” body typical of the dirt and pavement ovals of the day, the kind of “Super Modified” popular with the racers.
A “Group 27′ car uses an “open-class” Group-7 chassis with a motor using a Group-20 armature, a device using 27AWG wire to limit its power and provide slower but competitive racing.
This particular model was the display car used by the Champion company at trade shows. Its body was painted by Ray Gardner, who was in charge of most of the advertizing at the Champion company,