Ford GT

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This model is that of a 1965 Ford GT. The Lancer company made a body of it and BZ used it for their RTR model. It was sold in the usual clear plastic box and was available in green, gold and white. An earlier and rarer version of it by “American Line”, a predecessor to the BZ like by mere weeks, was also available in red with two contrasting stripes. The model used a chassis also originally used on the Classic Manta Ray. Once a dispute arose between Classic designer John Power and company owner Sam Bergman, and once John Power had joined BZ, the use of that chassis became impossible as Bergman purchased the tooling from the outside supplier for both. BZ first had a new tooling made, but later issued the model with a new chassis designed by Power, painted in gold with a polished aluminum drop arm. In any case, the BZ1000 motor was used as well as Weldun gears, Riggen wheels and tires and Autorama guide.