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Issued in 1966, the licensed BZ Batmobile was briefly issued in a now very scarce cardboard and acetate window box. Later as seen in this example, it was sold inside a clear plastic box on top of a yellow and blue tray. The Lancer body was painted and finished with silver and black decals. The Bat Hubs of molded red plastic were also used on the K&B model, but never on the third of all Batmobiles manufactured in period, the Classic model.
The chrome plated chassis is identical to that of the John Power designed “Banshee”, featuring the white or dark metallic silver “BZ1000” motor, Weldun setscrew steel pinion and anodized aluminum spur gear, Riggen wheels and tires and a guide sourced from Autorama.
The BZ Batmobile was by far the most popular of all three models issued and is not rare, but boxed examples are commanding premium prices. Fakes abound, made from a chassis made in China by the late Charlie Almond and the thin Lexan reproduction body still sold by REH Distributing in Cincinnati, OH., with various parts completing the models.