Ferrari 330P2 kit

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Atlas added a slot car racing line to their model trains in 1965. Previously they had issued Ho scale models in RTR and kit forms, but the advent of commercial raceways was too much of a commercial lure, and they associated themselves to the Marusan company of Japan. Most Atlas models are basically Marusan kits and RTR models, repackaged with English markings and instructions. Atlas slot car kits were some of the lowest priced, and their quality was somewhat mediocre, but a great value for the money.
The Ferrari 330P2 kit was issued in 1966 and had a small brass frame bolted to an AT108 single-magnet Marusan motor with ball bearings and a body sourced from Tamiya Mokei. The kit was pretty basic and so was its performance. The same body was also used by the German Faller company.