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The first product of the American line company was this Ford GT, known to exist in red or white with contrasting dual stripes achieved with tape. The body was a Lancer Ford GT model, painted by BZ Industries. The chassis was similar (but not identical) to that of the Classic Manta Ray, and was produced by the same supplier. The motors were the Russkit “33”, the original version of the Mabuchi FT36 without the brush heat sinks and with the drive on the endbell side. Wheels and tires were supplied by Riggen Industries, and the rear tires were hot stamped with the “BZ INDUSTRIES” logo in white block letters.
These models are relatively rare as they were produced for a very short time, until absorbed in the standard “BZ” line, with new colors and a different presentation tray as well as black anodized wheels and new rear tires. Once under the BZ name, they also received a new motor, the BZ1000, a newer form of the Mabuchi “big” can motor, the FT36D with brush heat sinks and can-side drive. Later and after a dispute between proprietary rights on the chassis design, they received a new chassis that was painted in gold with a polished aluminum drop arm. One example is shown here.
Also notable is the unusual guide for the American Line models: some were molded in black while all others are white. The guide was sourced from the Associated Electrics company of Paramount, which sold their own version of this scarce guide molded in yellow plastic.