Our Friends Deserve Credit


Many thanks to the friends of the LASCM, who have generously donated valuable artifacts to preserve the history of the hobby:

Bruce Paschal

Steve Okeefe

Joe Cormier

Jack Beers

Dennis Hill

Greg Wells
Mill Conroy

Tim Neja

Ron Kiyomura

Tom Hansen

John Andersen
Bob Johannis
Rainer Gliss (Germany)
Craig DeWeese


Many thanks to others who have allowed the LASCM to acquire artifacts or entire collections in favorable circumstances:

Howard Ursaner

John Cukras
Terry Schmid

Richard Hofer

Edo Bertoglio

Mike Steube

John Anderson

Keith Tanaka

Many thanks also to those who have been supporting the LASCM in various ways, through technical advice, interesting offers or historical perspective:

Daniel Murai

Mark Lewis

To all, thank you!