A company specialized in model airplane accessories, Dynamic entered the filed of slot car racing accessories in 1963. By 1964, they entered into a joint venture with AMT, the giant of plastic model kits. This collaboration allowed Dynamic to have the use of AMT “purple” Mabuchi-sourced motors as well as AMT injected bodies. Announced in period magazines, a Mustang “Fastback” and a Cobra roadster RTR were announced but apparently never issued. Parts connecting the AMT bodies to the Dynamic chassis do exist.
The first true Dynamic RTR models were the Renegade and the Bandit, two “dream” cars over typical die-cast aluminum chassis and specific wheels and tires. A Harvey Indy and a Mirage kit followed, and Dynamic were on their way. They produced kits and RTR cars until 1974, when they completely converted to R/C racing. Principal “Hi” Johnson was killed in a hang-glider accident in 1979.