For a few weeks in 1965, this company owned by Vernon Beck produced a pair of ready to race models that later were marketed under the familiar BZ label after Beck found a business partner in “Sonny” Zimmerman.

The American line models had a chassis design shared with the Classic Manta Ray model and produced by the same supplier and used the Russkit “33” motor, a Mabuchi FT36 and specific polished-aluminum Riggen wheels fitted with plain-black tires at first, then marked “BZ INDUSTRIES” on their sidewalls in white ink.

The boxes were the familiar 2-piece clear plastic examples used by BZ, K&B, Western Hobbies and other slot car manufacturers. The trays were printed with silver or gold ink that has generally faded over time. The bodies, produced by Lancer, were painted in red or white, with dual color stripes achieved by tape running the length of the body.

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