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  • 1 David Allen // Jun 15, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    Wow….it is wonderful that someone had the foresight to save and preserve the vintage slot cars and kits shown.
    I was part of the slot car fad as it swept the nation in the late 60’s early 70’s. I was the chassis builder and motor re-winder for Team Catha of Catha’s Mini-Raceway in Huntsville AL (Space Capital of the World). When the hobby literally died in the mid 70’s, I stored all my stuff and went off to college, got married, had children and played with real cars. Until recently a group of gear heads, rocket scientist and engineers got together and found out we had something in common, slot cars. We all had saved our slot car stuff from the 60’s-70’s and the collection of chassis, motors, and vintage parts manufactured by Russkit, Revell, Riggens, Cox, Champion, Mura, Pittman, BZ, Classic, Globe, Wilson is amazing. Custom built brass rod/tube chassis, stock and rewound Russkit 22/23 motors. Original Globe and Wilson of Cleveland motors in original box, Pittman 6001BB (white lead wires) in original box with spec sheet, original Mura with original box, Garvic Panther just to name a few. Cox 1/32 Cheetah in original sealed box and every type of aluminum and magnesium wheel from the day including Russkit real wire wheels, Cox American mag wheels, Riggen Riverside Specials wheel/tires most in their original boxes/package. We all get together now and race at Hot Slots in Columbia TN, although we all live in Huntsville, AL. We have adapted to the new JK and Champion flex chassis with Parma Super 16D Rotor and JK Hawk 6 and 7 motors. This combination works well on Hot Slots Black Snake 190′ track.
    Kudos all around for the museum.
    David Allen

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